9th March 2017
9th March 2017


A beautiful story about a Pitbull named Dodge who captured our hearts at the PetLounge.

“It was with pride and absolute joy to hear that Dodge has wooed and charmed all the staff at the OR Tambo PetLounge on Friday! I immediately notified his new Daddy, Lyndon that he really got himself quite a Casanova.

Dodge, now lovingly called Einstein, arrived at the Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth early May. His owners moved to Cape Town and could not take him with … I met him that day. He was confused, bewildered and really scared. Imagine going from a family home to an ice cold kennel! He stole my heart.

I took some pictures of him and started to network him for a home. Now, you have met him and you saw how stunningly beautiful he is. Dodge had a lot of interest and quickly found a home on a farm. He went there only to be returned after 4 days as he was just too interested in the cat. His heart broken once again, he returned to the shelter. I then took Dodge with me for a run at the local ParkRun. His stunning good looks quickly attracted attention and someone wanted to adopt him. They completed papers, a premises check was done and Dodge went home. 4 days later he was returned, due to too much interest in cats… Our boy was depressed and lost almost all interest in food. He went into a total state of depression. It was so bad, that when I fetched him for a walk, I decided to take him for a treat at a local coffee shop instead. He sat on my lap for more than an hour, just sighing. It broke my heart and I vowed to NOT give up on this boy.

I knew that I could not give up on him. A boy so handsome and with such a super temperament deserves the best.

Enter Lyndon Harker …

On Friday my friend, Suzette and I took Dodge to the airport and needless to say lots of goodbye kisses and hugs were shared with ol’ Handsome. I held him tight and Prayed for his safety and happiness before I put him in the crate. Tears were rolling down my cheeks when they loaded him and I could no longer see him.

Then the wait … that is always the worst. Dodge’s Dad was delayed and I was biting my nails. Little did I know that our boy was actually in the pound seats and being cared for lovingly and not without kisses by the awesome staff at the PetLounge OR Tambo.

Einstein is settling in really nice with his Dad and enjoying the freedom of a garden, good food, love, attention, and all nice things that makes for a well-balanced and happy pooch. I am grateful for another Prayer answered”

(As written by Marizanne Ferreira from Animal Welfare)

A big thank you to Marizanne for relating Einstein’s story. From all at the PetLounge we wish Einstien and his new family a life full of paw-some memories!

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