9th March 2017


I want to take the time to let this story go viral. It is an exceptional story that needs to be told about this old girl who suffered considerably most of her life . We save so many dogs in a month but there are always those few that seem to grip at your heart and never let go.
We were notified of Hannah when we started working in Simondium on two adjacent farms labourers homes that were in the most horrific and worst states I have ever laid eyes on. The dogs were sick, mangey, malnourished, flea and tick ridden and just lay like dead rats in sewage that overflowed from broken toilets. A sad day for man, never mind an animal.
With a head count of over 40 dogs needing help and with no funding, we started treating the dogs, injecting against mange, deworming, vaccinating and sterilising. On our second trip back, we were told to come and take a dog away that was tied to a tree. They said she was ugly and they didn’t want her anymore as she was sick and thus wanted her dead.
We went to the tree and what we saw was so emotionally soul destroying that tears just automatically welled up in our eyes. We saw a medium sized dog, skin like leather with just a few bristle hairs left on her body, so thin her bones were protruding from her hips, so weak she could hardly stand, her eyes clogged up with “gunk” and flies festering in them. Her nose bleeding from the stress of everyone suddenly surrounding her and the fear of her owner as he started tugging at her. She was lying in a bush and then suddenly we saw that she was tied to the tree with a nylon string that comes from the sacks used to keep oranges in that extended not longer than a ruler, no collar, the string so tight around her neck that she could hardly breathe. She was so scared and was making whimpering sounds when her owner held her by the scuff of her neck.

He said he was feeding her, but there was no water, no bowl and her condition just said that she was tied up here to die as they didn’t want her anymore. I immediately told them to load her in my car and before we could even think of assisting he had cut the string from the tree/bush, taken her by her skin at her back with her crying and threw her like a sack of potatoes into the back of my car.
With hatred and anger and at the same time sorrow in our hearts, we drove off with Hannah whimpering and hiding in my car. As we got to our vet, we took her out slowly, gave her some soft words and made her relax and gave her a soft bed, warm blanket and a bowl of soft food that she devoured within seconds.
Her bleeding, caused by underlying Erhlichia, was soon under control after a heavy course of cortisone. She was washed, treated for her skin ailments, vaccinated and dewormed. She was put on some boosters and vitamins and xrayed . Even though she was so weak and so abused,after about two hours, her tail could not stop wagging. It wagged so hard that it would sound like someone was beating a drum in her cage.
She knew we were there to help . After a few days at the vet, and after sterilising her, she moved into boarding kennels with her own little room with loads and loads of love. She LOVED it here, lying in the sun on the grass, having the safety of her own little hideout on a soft warm blanket with food and water and love at her beck and call. Hannah was in heaven.

We put out a plea for this old girl in the hope that someone would open their hearts to her and take her home. We didn’t wait long. A wonderful call came through. Referred to us by Border Collie Rescue in JHB, Hannah’s new mom entered our lives. Hannah was going to take to the skies and fly to her new home in a few weeks time as soon as we thought she was strong enough to do so and after a few more dips and treatments.
Well the time arrived and last Friday, the 8th May, Hannah got her wings and flew to OT International Airport with the wonderful assistance of Bidair Cargo, our sponsored carrier, where she was welcomed with open arms.

Hannah now lives the high life with her new family and is already making a place for herself and identifying that she too can be a dog – a true dog that is loved and treated special. Thank you Meghan, you are such a wonderful person, and I bless you and your home forever more for taking in this special senior lady.

What always amazes me about a dog, is the unconditional love they have. Why can we as people not live in such harmony. The hurt and physical abuse and struggles she went through, her body tired and ready to give up but never doubting the kindness of a human and never once showing any aggression accept fear which was soon overcome.
Some think animals are there to be ruled, to be hurt, are secondary to mankind or as tools or emblems for displays of power. Oh how one is so mistaken. We can learn so much from them, we can grow so much as a race, we can open our minds and use the full extent of our brains if we just thought like an animal. Some find animals dirty and cannot touch them. I touch them and believe I have touched an angel. How blessed I am to see their spirit and it heals me to know that

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