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Dear PetLounge

Posted by: Kayley Carelse in Success Stories

“We are so grateful to both Lenishia and Roberto at Durban BidAir for their support and assistance with doing the paperwork early for Gigi’s trip to Cape Town, which meant that on the day when we arrived by taxi we could just drop her off with Roberto and know that she was safe with him.

Shahiema in Cape Town also went the extra mile for us as we had no way to get to the PetLounge as it is far away from the Passenger Terminal, Shahiema arranged to meet us in the Passenger Terminal with Gigi. We are so grateful to her.

We are now at our French house and Gigi is having a happy time rushing around her French garden, of course she was very relaxed about all the travel, she knows I will stress for her !

We thank you very much, we cannot speak highly enough of the amazing service that your team in Durban and Cape Town gave us.

Kind regards

Wendy and Gigi”
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