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A huge heartfelt thank you from the owner: Yolanda Heyink for the great service received from BidAir and Petlounge with the transportation of her 17 pets from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth on Monday 26th of January 2015.

Some of these pets were already really old, and the one doggie had a heart problem, but beween us at Pets En Transit and with the care and assistance from all at BidAir we got her pets safely and in very good health home to her in Jeffrey’s Bay all in one go!
From Pets En Transit side, a huge thank you as well for the excellent service. It is service like this that means the world to a worried pet owner. We checked in at 22h00 at night on Monday, and the pets were delivered by 05h00 the following morning.

We at Pets En Transit take pride in the shipping of all animals, big or small, and it really helps having an airline partner that takes the same care and pride in what they do.
These pets are tail wagging and sending sloppy kisses as a thank you for reuniting them with their owner. A job well done!!!

Marlene Bradbury PETS EN TRANSIT


  1. I have to fly a puppy to the Western Cape. *Which airport is the nearest?
    * I don’t have a cage
    * what documentation do I need?

    Will be awaiting your response

    Thank you

  2. Hi, we are traveling from CPT to JHB and back to CPT in Dec.
    we want to take our 2 cocker spaniels with us.
    We do have crates fro them.
    Can you tel me more about this transport via your airline.

    Do we have to be on the same flight as the dogs?
    What will the cost be to transport them, we will bring them to the airport ourselves.

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