The PetLounge was founded by BidAir Cargo in response to requests from pet owners, breeders, and associations as they identified the dire need for the correct and compassionate way of moving animals between airports within South Africa.

It is a stress-free specialist airport-to-airport travel facility dedicated to the safety & comfort of pets traveling by air.

We have a dedicated PetLounge in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and George.

Additionally, there is a separate facility at the BidAir Cargo branch in East London and Durban where pets are handled with the utmost care to minimize the stress of travelling.

The PetLounge staff are highly trained AVI Specialists who genuinely care for the welfare and comfort of your animals.

We transport pets to and from the airline in safe and secure air-conditioned vehicles, which is an important consideration when choosing a company to transport your pet safely and comfortably. .

We strongly abide by all the rules & regulations set out by the airlines, IATA, NSPCA and the Department of Forestry & Fisheries when importing & exporting exotic and or endangered species. The welfare & safety of the animals is our main priority and we adhere to all vaccination & permit requirements.

This makes BidAir Cargo PetLounge your best option for peace of mind!

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