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Air Transportation Of Your Animal

Important Information Regarding The Air Transportation Of Your Animal.
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Reinforcement of Wooden Crates

Please note the attached notice of corrective safety measures implemented from a PetLounge perspective with regards to the reinforcement of wooden crates.
Notice Of Wooden Crate Reinforcement

Reinforcement Of Leash Regulation

Please ensure that your furry loved one is on a leash while in the PetLounge.
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Size 10 Crates On Daytime Flights

In the interest of the welfare of animals traveling and being able to offer the best service at all times we have made a decision to no longer accept bookings for size 10 crates on our daytime network. This is as a result of previous challenges experienced with size 10 crates not being able to be accommodated on certain of the passenger aircraft.
Size 10 Crates Notice

Acceptance Of Air Transport Vaccine Regulation

All animals should have the relevant vaccines before being accepted for Air Transportation.
Vaccine Regulation Notice

Food In Crates Regulation

For security reasons, may we kindly request that no (bag/tin) foods be placed on top of the crates when transporting the animals. The taping of food on top of crates is a security hazard as per SACAA part 108.
Food On Crates Notice

Non-Compliant Containers for Pigeons and Doves

The National Council of SPCAs has been actively involved in improving on animal welfare standards of animals transported by air by enforcing the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 and also through promoting the IATA Live Animal Regulations at all cargo companies flying animal cargo.
Non-Compliant Containers for Pigeons and Doves Notice

Perches Requirements For Perching Birds

Due to the increase of birds being flown all over the world and across South Africa, the NSPCA had noticed the use of crates for birds not complying with the IATA Live Animals Regulations. Attached is a letter about cages for perching birds.
Perches Requirements For Perching Birds
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