1Which routes does PetLounge serve?
Johannesburg (ORT airport), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and George.
2Does the PetLounge offer services into Africa?
We can accept your pets for travel to Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, this however will depend on the airline flying to your destination. For more information on Regional travel kindly send your query to reservations@petlounge.co.za
3Can I send my pet without being on the same flight?
Yes, your pet can travel unaccompanied, you don't need to be on the same flight. When making your pet’s booking click on the option “AVI” (Fly alone).
4Who are the PetLounge customers?
Our customers range from families taking their pet on holiday or re-locating, breeders, associations, vets, animal charities, to owners of racing pigeons and professional pet movers.
5Are large dogs accepted at The PetLounge?
Your dog needs enough room to turn around inside the travel crate and stand upright without its head touching the roof. The passenger aircraft used for our daytime services can only accommodate crates to a maximum height of 80cm. If your animal requires a bigger crate, we will accommodate them on our overnight service on certain evenings depending on space availability. We have kennels in Johannesburg where large dogs can remain until a flight is able to accommodate them, even overnight if necessary. Price of kenneling is available from the PetLounge in Johannesburg – 011 230 4650
6How old must my puppy/kitten be to fly?
8 weeks for domestic travel and 10 weeks for Regional flights.
7How many pets may travel on a flight?
There is a maximum of three crates per domestic flight, sizes 1 – 9 & two crates per destination on all overnight freighters, sizes 10 & up only on certain evenings.
8Do you supply crates?
Yes, we do. Kindly click on the document for prices. Crate rental sizes and prices
9What paperwork must I complete?
Regulations require that the inoculation may be carried out only by a When you make your reservation, you will receive the Shipper’s Declaration, you need to complete it & bring it along with a copy of your booking confirmation to the PetLounge. We will assist you by completing the IATA Live Animals Checklist at the PetLounge.
10May I self-inoculate pets before they travel?
Regulations require that the inoculation may be carried out only by a registered veterinarian or authorized person showing where and when the inoculation took place. Stickers, dates and batch numbers for each vaccination to be present on the document at all times.
11Where will my pet be placed on the aircraft and what is the pressure?
There is a special position beneath the cockpit, in the forward hold which accommodates our animals. This hold is temperature and noise controlled. The Captain is advised that pets are on board and is sensitive to their comfort and safety. Your pets travel in the same pressure to passengers in the cabin.
12Can my pet fly if she is pregnant?
Heavily pregnant animals will not be carried except under exceptional circumstances. This should be accompanied by a letter from your Vet. We will accept your pet if she is in her first trimester on condition you have an updated stamped & signed vet letter. This needs to be uploaded with the vet books when making the booking. Please also have a copy available to hand to the PetLounge staff upon check-in.
1How much will it cost for my pet to fly?
The cost varies according to the size and weight of the crate. Kindly note that the fee is calculated on the volumetric size of the crate, should it be greater than the actual weight of the dog inside the crate, the volumetric weight would then be used to calculate the cost. An estimate quote will be generated once you’ve logged on to make an online booking.
2What is the flight frequency?
There are many daily departures, the flight schedule varies from route to route. Click on “Flights” once logged in to view our flights according to date & route choice.
3How do I go about making a booking?
Click on adding a pet, then create a booking by choosing a flight of your choice, accepting the quote, downloading & accepting our T&C’s and lastly confirming your booking. Click here for the “How to” tutorial
4Which pets do you accommodate?
The PetLounge facilities are ideal for all household pets. While we mostly transport dogs, cats and cage birds we gladly accommodate rabbits, snake, bearded dragons and a variety of other pets. Pet owners should also be aware of the significant risk air travel will have on Snub Nose dogs. (Snub Nosed Breeds Document)
5Can you handle travel for exotic species?
The PetLounge can make arrangements to move exotic species provided the correct permit documents are available. The client is responsible for supplying the correct permits, the PetLounge will not be held liable for any incorrect documents supplied by the client. The Regulatory Disclaimer form needs to be completed and handed in upon check-in of all exotic species.
6Should I feed my pet before travel?
Travelling on an empty stomach will avoid nausea or soiling the crate. We suggest feeding your pet at least 4 hours before departure should you feel that they would be hungry during their time away from you.
7How many pets may travel in the same crate?
Animals from 8 weeks up to 6 months old from the same litter may fly in the same crate regardless of gender up to a maximum of 2 animals. If they are older than 6 months they are allowed to fly together on condition that they are male & male or female & female & comparable in height & weight, up to a maximum of 2 animals & weighing no more than 14kg each. Animals over that weight must travel individually. Cats over the age of 2 years may not fly in the same container/crate. Snub nosed animals are not allowed to share a crate.
9What documentation is required for my pet to travel on a domestic flight?
On the regional sector they will require import, export permits, mother’s rabies certificate and puppy’s or kitten’s inoculation booklet and health certificate. When you phone to make a reservation one of our animal specialists will guide you through the necessary documentation. Puppies and kittens only fly from the age of 8 WEEKS. An original VET BOOK must accompany your animal. If your animal is younger than 3 months old, a clear, legible copy of the mothers VET BOOK must be provided in order for the puppy or kitten to be covered for the RABIES vaccination, provided the mom's yearly rabies vaccination is valid. They should however have their own inoculation booklet with their first 5-in-1 (puppies) or 4-in-1 (kitten) inoculations up to date Animals above the age of 3 months have their own VET BOOK with their updated Rabies & combination virus, this should be done annually for transportation via air. There is a waiting period of 14 days for ALL 1st time vaccinations & a 24hr waiting period for ALL booster vaccinations. This includes Rabies, 5-in-1 & 4-in-1 vaccines The animal is accepted for travel within 24hrs of the booster vaccination being administered if they have a good history and the booster has not lapsed. An animal that is 8 weeks old but younger than 3 months would require a valid rabies vaccination booklet for the female parent, they do however, need their own updated combination vaccination (5-in-1). In cases where the animal has been rescued and there is no record of the mom - The animal requires their own rabies & combination vaccination, a 14-day waiting period is applicable. On the Regional sector they will require Import & Export permits, mother’s rabies certificate and puppy’s or kitten’s inoculation booklet and health certificate, a letter indicating the value of the pet to declare to local customs, full details of the sender & receiver – Name & full physical address. When you phone to make a reservation one of our Regional animal specialists will guide you through the necessary documentation. Animals will not be accepted if the crate presented for shipment doesn't comply with the IATA Regulations Shippers Declaration (will be sent to you with your booking confirmation)
10Do you recommend I sedate my pet before flying?
SEDATION of animals, except under certain conditions and carried out under veterinary direction, is not recommended. The combination of altitude and drugs is potentially fatal in the old, chronically sick or stressed animal. If your pet is naturally stressed, we suggest you speak to your vet to prescribe a natural calming tablet.
11Who cares for my pet en route?
A PetLounge pet-handling specialist will accompany your pet to the airline to ensure your pet is comfortably and safely loaded onboard. At destination, a PetLounge pet-handling specialist will collect your pet and escort your pet to the PetLounge for collection.
12What is the pressure in the hold where my pets are travelling?
Your pets travel in the same pressure to passengers in the cabin. The Captain is advised that pets are on-board and is sensitive to their comfort and safety.
13Do you have a loyalty program?
Yes, Pet Perkz is our loyalty program for cash clients only. Our loyalty program cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, eg account, federation or voucher discounts. You can join our program when you sign up online to making a booking.
14Which Airlines can you accommodate our pets on?
We can accommodate your pets on Airlink, Cemair & SAA.

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