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3rd Oct 2018
16th Jan 2019


I refer to my booking that was made to fly my kitten to Cape Town this past Sunday 2 December 2018 – scheduled for 9.35 on British Airways.  On my arrival at the Petlounge there were 4 large dogs booked on the same flight and the poor dogs were so stressed, barking nonstop  – I felt very uneasy about having my 5m old kitten being on that same flight and thanks to Thato and Zanele, they offered to change the flight to Kulula MN135 leaving at 10.50 am.I waited those few hours during which time approximately 12 or more other dogs were being checked in for other flights  – as it was very noisy I went to sit in my car with my kitten so she would not be more stressed – which was not a problem.

I just want to say a huge thank you to THATO and ZANELE and another lady and gentleman (whose names i did not get) for their kind consideration, their compassion and understanding and the way in which they handled a stressful morning with so many animals checking in, but mostly to Thato  – he remembered me from several months ago and told me I was the lady that brought Jimmy Choo – another kitten to fly to Cape Town  – how he remembered my kittens name from then just absolutely blew me away – considering that there are so many animals flying daily from JHB.  When it was time to load my kitten – he personally contacted Cape Town to arrange and ensure that she be attended to straight away on landing, and then he took my kitten on her own in the vehicle to the Kulula flight to load her.

Thank you Thato for your personal attention and giving me peace of mind that she was not going to be too stressed out  – I so appreciate all this  WELL DONE BIDAIR PET LOUNGE – a further email will be forwarded to you now from the new owner in Cape Town, when she received the kitten.

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